Chelsea Clinton

What can we expect from Chelsea Clinton? She is the daughter of a former United States President, and a present Secretary of State. To be Chelsea Clinton then must mean overwhelming expectations. Just as the offspring of nobility, there is a sense of duty when you come from such an upbringing.

We first remember Chelsea Clinton as the daughter who’s privacy was highly guarded. Her dad was a world leader,  and we watched as his most private actions created a scandal around the globe. Her mother’s reations were weighed and second guessed. Yet no one heard nor saw a peep concerning Chelsea Clinton. 

Then suddenly Chelsea Clinton emerged as someone with a voice to campaign on her mothers behalf. First in Hillary’s successful run for Senator, and then her run to win the nomination for President. Chelsea Clinton was by her mother’s side. A strong support, and it would seem a friend.

Now we watch as Chelsea Clinton prepares for her upcoming wedding. She will wed her longtime boyfriend, who also comes from a strong political family. It would be so difficult to predict these two staying out of politics forever. 

Marc Mezvinsky is Jewish while Chelsea Clinton is Methodist. So they have some interesting holiday observances ahead as they become intertwined faith. It is also noteworthy that while Chelsea Clinton was an only child, Marc came from a blended family consististing of eleven siblings. This will most definitely play a role in their future family plans one way or the other.

So when the mantle of wealth and power fell on Chelsea Clinton, did she become obligated in any way? Does she have a right to chose a quiet life, out of the limelight, out of the political arena? Or like the royalty across the ocean, with the blessing, can we expect her to fulfill certain duties to society based on the accomplishments of her parents? That would be a hard task for Chelsea Clinton to face at any age.

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