Ronald Reagan

Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him most?

I just saw another t-shirt depicting the mistake Americans feel they made in electing Barack Obama. What was a short time ago a momentous, history making, change provoking election is now another story of grief for our country. So again I ask “Can we please have Ronald Reagan back?”

You see, I liked George Bush, and his dad, and found a few good things in most of the presidents, but there has never been a class act like Ronald Reagan. When we turn on the news and the President of the United Staes wants to “kick someone’s A**”, or his vice president uses the four letter words we were punished for, I say “Bring back Ronald Reagan!”

Ronald Reagan had Nancy who outshined them all. She was the example of a lady of beauty. She could grace the cover of a magazine before getting out of bed. Her eyes radiated warmth and sincerity. But most of all, Nancy was never ashamed to express her pride in her country. She honored America and America still honors her. She stood by Ronald Reagan until his last breath with an integrity few have ever shown.

Ronald Reagan had the movie star looks we all loved, and the movie star charm, and was down to earth. He had the essence of true American blood in his veins. Ronald Reagan even had his very own Tampico, Illinois, USA birth certificate and wasn’t afraid who knew it!

Ronald Reagan had the diplomacy of age. He had lived and learned. When we needed wisdom, he had it. He didn’t bow to the enemy, and offend our friends. Ronald Reagan knew who was who. You see he had been an actor. So he knew who was acting, and who was real. NO one fooled him, and he wasn’t out to fool anyone else.

So America don’t be fooled. Bring back Ronald Reagan!

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