Obama Girls

It is so much fun to have the young Obama girls in the White House. All of the sudden, a big over-sized monstrosity of a building comes alive. I mean who would really want to live in such a huge house anyway. But then you add the Obama girls to the mix and my imagination runs wild.

Can you picture elementary girls and middles school girls getting an invitation to the Obama girls house for a sleep-over? What if their stuffed animal sets off the metal detector, or worse their newly acquired braces. It would be a special pleasure if the Obama girls invited you over to go bowling in the White House basement.

But what if you wanted the Obama girls to come to your house? What would your mom say? Would the Secret Service have to check the whole house before a sleep over?  And each of the Obama girls probably bring atleast two or three Secret Service agents with them. I wonder who is responsible for feeding them. And do they sleep or sit there watching everyone sleep all night. Forget it, maybe no one invites the Obama girls for a sleep over. What a bummer!

So then is it good or bad to be an Obama girl? Well, they had so of the cutest guys in the nation over for the inauguration weekend. And the Obama girls to see the movies when they first come out, and they can invite as many people as they want. But they never know if people want to come to be their friend to to see their famous dad, and they live in a gated house, and people with radios follow them whereever they go. So what do you think?

Would you want to live as the Obama girls do? Wold all the special blessings they have outweigh all the trials that come with being the “Obama girls”?

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