So with all the latest and greatest in MLM, the most impressive is Xango.  Out of nowhere we see a new hope for the disenchanted Amway, N21, and Monavie distributors out there. Is Xango really our dream come true? Well, according to Doug Wead, a hero and motivator to network marketers everywhere, it is. To him it seems Xango has hit a home run.

What make Xango different than it’s aging, fading predecessors? First of all, Xango has a sensational product. Who would have thought there could be a fruit hidden in the tropical jungles of Thailand that could cure so many ills?  Whether it be skin problems, cholesterol, joint pain, cancers, diseases, this fruit seems to aid in the healing process of them all. And the timing of finding such a product is incredible. Never have we lived in a time of more stress related illness, and poorer diet than now. So the market is ready for the product. Then Xango comes another breakthrough with a simple little vitamin pill that can reduce stress, make you more energetic, clarify your thinking, improve your memory, and viola Xango has another instant success.

Behind all this Xango has a group of leaders who are working together as a management team. Total accountability. One leader gets off base and there are another half dozen to keep things on track. Their goal is the well being of Xango and each other, not just themselves. Beyond that Xango has a global outreach program where a percentage of every dollar they earn goes into meal packs to help feed the poor and needy around the world. It is a proven principle that by giving to others, you will receive. What a great basis for a Xango business.

So maybe, finally, there is a MLM out there that is worth investing your time and energy into. Maybe Xango is above the rest not only in product but in every other way.

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