First Lady – First Mom – Michelle Obama

All eyes are on you, Michelle Obama! What a thought to wake up to each day. The list of things people are looking at, analyzing, and  judging  about Michelle Obama is long, and overwhelming. Is it fair? Of course not! But it still happens each day, and it comes from living in the pubilc eye. So how does Michelle Obama get up each day knowing that everything she does and says will be judged? It must be hard, and yet, so very much worth it.

First of all Michell Obama is the First Lady of the United States of America. What Michelle Obama wears should represent what America wants to wear. She is expect to reflect and promote the styles and artists of our country. It would be a tragedy if Michelle Obama only wore european fashion labels, and American women were dissuaded from shopping American. Yet she is criticized for shopping some of the lower costing American stores for herself and her children, which should infact encourage the American fashion industry. Michelle Obama has worn formal gowns by young designers which should inspire younger students to keep pursuing their dreams. She carries herself well in whatever she wears.

Secondly, Michelle Obama is the First Wife of the President. After many recent scandals by celebrity actors and politicians, all eyes are on the wives of important men. Is there any sign of friction, are they affectionate, are they too affectionate, ……? How Michelle Obama interacts with Barack Obama is being watched and read by so many who felt deceived by long-standing leaders whos marriages have imploded.  

Thirdly, Michelle Obama is the First Mom of our nation. She is in the public eye while raising two school aged daughters. How Michelle Obama interacts with Sasha and Malia is watched around the nation and the world. People watch where she sends them to school, again how she dresses them.  Michelle Obama is now a role model for mothers everywhere on the parenting of minority girls entering their teen years.

Michelle Obama has a heavy weight on her shoulders as she rises each day. She also has a wonderful challenge to impact for good the lives of so many she touches. I think Michelle Obama is an elegant woman, who appears devoted to her husband and children, and is more than capable to face the job she has as first lady, and first mom.

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