The New Kids on the Block – Sasha and Malia Obama

What a thrill for White House watchers to have two new little girls in residence. Sasha and Malia Obama are sure to raise an eye while they live for four to eight years in the nations capital. Thrust into the immediate celebrity watch, the girls still seem indifferent to the attention thrown their way.  Everyone was excited to read about the special guests Sasha and Malia Obama had for their own innaugaration parties. The Jonas Brothers,  and movie premieres, bowling in the White House, hide and seek in their new home …… all a hint of fun to be had with children living in the most coveted home in the land.

We have already seen dad, Mr President rooting them on while Sasha and Malia Obama play on their local soccer teams. They are judged on where mom, Michelle buys there clothes, whether they looked at the press or away from the press, where they go to school, who their friends are, and the list goes on.  So far, it would appear Sasha and Malia Obama have parents who are truly understanding of their daughters need for privacy, and yet good at playing the public game. We see just enough of Sasha and Malia Obama to satify our curiosity, but yet most of the time they are kept out of the line of fire from the press.

Sasha and Malia Obama have the priviledges few children their ages could dream of. Trips to Hawaii for Christmas, as is their family tradition. Then off to Europe and Africa to better understand their heritage and the world Sasha and Malia Obama  go.  They are surround by people of influence and wisdom from all over the globe.  Sasha and Malia Obama are very fortunate for what they have, and the parents they are blessed with.

They have the best of education, best of opportunity, and yet Sasha and Malia Obama probably dont even fully comprehend it.  It reminds me of the Clintons. While they themselves were always in the press, they did a good job of shielding Chelsea from the media. We knew enough about Chelsea, and yet she was never easily accessible. Now as we see the polished version of Chelsea preparing to get married, making her own apparently wise choices, we hope the same for Sasha and Malia Obama.

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