Carolyn Kennedy – From Envy to Grief

My earliest memories of Carolyn Kennedy were filled with envy. She was the cute little girl in pictures, a few years older than me who seemed to have everything. Carolyn Kennedy got to live in the White House, her daddy was the President. Carolyn Kennedy had a pony, she was always dressed so cute. Carolyn Kennedy had a beautiful mommy, and a large happy family. What more could any little girl dream of?

But quickly that fairy tale life was shattered. I no longer envied Carolyn Kennedy. Her dad was shot by wicked men. He died shortly afterwards. Carolyn Kennedy didn’t have a dad anymore.  My dad still worked the evening shift at the missle factory. I didn’t see him much, but he was still there.  Carolyn Kennedy no longer lived in the White House, and we never heard what happened to her pony. We still lived in our rambler with our puppies. Carolyn Kennedy’s  gorgous mom now wore black and a veil covered her face. My mom was trying to lose weight after the birth of her fifth child. She told us happy stories at bedtime.  A few short years later Carolyn Kennedy’s family life was further shattered when her Uncle Robert was shot by another bad man. That same year, my grandpa went to be with Jesus after a long prosperous life as a preacher.

That was the beginning of my education into the values of life. Through a young child’s view of Carolyn Kennedy as a child herself, I was learning lifelong lessons. It’s is not how important your father is, it is the time you are granted to spend with him. Most of what Carolyn Kennedy learned from her father was through stories and records, after he was unjustly stolen from her life. It is not what you have at the moment, but the security that what you have will be there for you for a long time. Carolyn Kennedy lived in the White House for a few short years. We lived in our little rambler for 10. Then moved together as a family to another for 15 more years. Then finally to a bigger house with multiple bathrooms.

We all somehow think a life of glamour and prosperity brings the greatest happiness. But looking back on my earliest memories of Carolyn Kennedy, I realize, I have been blessed with the a wonderful life. My parents and siblings are all living, we have a family home to gather at for holidays, and a great legacy of never going hungry. Life is good.

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