I Want to Shake Your Hand, Laura Bush

Early in his presidency, my son, then 10 yrs old had the chance to shake the hand of President George W. Bush. I was happy for him, but that was when I decided, I want to shake hand, Laura Bush. You see since I was very young, I had always heard that behind every great man was a strong woman. I believed the president was a great man, so I wanted to meet his wife, Laura Bush.

This was shortly before the tragedy of 9-11. As the events unfolded, I watched Laura Bush. I watched how she responded. I prayed for the safety of her, and her children, as well as our leaders. I watched Laura Bush handle the crisis with as much dignity and compassion as any woman could possibly display. So that only heightened my resolve to shake the hand of Laura Bush.

Laura Bush was a great First Lady. She had a wonderful sense of style. Her outfits always looked tailor-made and dignified. She was dressed for the occasion. Laura Bush looked like a woman of quiet strength, not just a show. She enjoyed many roles and activities that came with her duties as First Lady. My sister-in-law did get to shake Laura Bush’s hand when she inspected the painting Liz had done on the Virginia entry to the National Easter Egg Collection. I didn’t even know such a collection existed. Liz thought she was wonderful.

Because my son had “touched ” a real live president, and the strong sense of patriotism sweeping our nation, we were big Bush fans. We visited the White House for the Easter Egg Roll, we went to the White House open house the day after the second Bush inauguration, we prayed for the President. But we never got to see Laura Bush in person, so I never got to shake her hand. One day, when she is old, and I am old, maybe we will meet at a book signing, or charity event, and my dream will come true. And I will say,”I want to shake your hand, Laura Bush.”

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