President Obama’s Father

I find it hard to have any respect for Obama’s father. Oh, excuse me, he fathered the 44th president of our nation. Does that grant him automatic respect? Not in my book. You see from what I have read and heard, Obama’s father was a father in name only. It was never a role he played.

Obama’s father produced his first offspring at the age of 18. Never a great idea. Especially if you are still getting an education. Then he followed that with another. Then Obama’s father started dropping wives and just as quickly getting new ones, with more children.

If what I read is correct, when Obama’s father came to the US at the age of 23 he left 4 fatherless children behind. That is neither honorable nor manly to do. Sure he was still young, but once you start trying to live like a man, there is responsibility that comes with it.

So wife number 3 or 4 and Barack Obama’s father finally names his 5th child after him. Did he have any idea this son would one day be a man of power, fame, fortune, integrity? Or was it just coincidence Obama’s father chose this child to carry his name?

Obama’s father still wasn’t around for long, and he finished his education and headed back to Africa. After one more wife, and two more sons he died alone. Apart from his “family”.

Having come from a pretty mixed up family himself, some would say you couldn’t blame Obama’s father. But I find that hard to take. How can it be right to call a man father when he has produced at least 7 children, and yet had never been there to be a father to any of them.   

Maybe that is why, unlike Obama’s father, we see a president totally involved in the lives of his children. My guess is by seeing who his father was, Barack Obama, II, decided he would not be like his father. Instead we see a loving caring man, never too busy to reach out and give his girls a hug.

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