The Lively Jenna Bush

Of the Bush twins, it always puzzled me how they ended up with their names. I think the parents made a big mistake. Jenna Bush should have been named Barbara Bush and Barbara Bush should have been named Jenna Bush and that is all there is to it. We would have all have been so much less confused. They would have had names much better suited who they turned out to resemble.

After all, Jenna Bush looks more like her grandmother Barbara Bush. Same blonde hair, same blue eyes, same big smile. Why on earth did they name her Jenna Bush? Of the two girls, Jenna Bush got her father’s outgoing, sometimes hell-bent personality. Yet her quieter brunette sister, so much like her mother is named after the father’s mother. Go figure?!

Jenna Bush was a carefree, party girl in college, not an over-achiever, just like her dad. She had a love for reading and was a champion for the cause of reading for children. This even took her to other countries and turned her into an author of childrens books. This reminds me of her grandmother Barbara Bush. In fact, I am sure the senior Mrs. Bush helped put that love in her.  

From there Jenna Bush turned to the media, doing talk shows, interviews, even sportscasting. She has an easy engaging way with the public. Jenna Bush’s smile and quick wit can quickly win the audience. A trait her father held, that made him a favorite even among his  rivals.

When Jenna Bush got married she chose the ranch in Texas. This is a special place, a place George W. Bush would often go for down time during a stressful presidency. Jenna Bush too chose this special place for one of the most memorable days of her life. And her day turned out as magical as the setting.

That is why I remain puzzled. Intuitively there must have been a clue from the minute she was born that Jenna Bush should have been named Barbara after her father’s mother. While her twin, who so closely resembles her mom, should have been the Jenna to carry on the quieter side of the family tree.

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