G Scale – Next Best thing to Real Railroads

I absolutely love G Scale trains. They are so fun to watch. I have seen many layouts and designs and they are wonderful. They of course are only models but look exactly like the real deal.

As a child my dad would bring out our G scale trains at Christmas time and we would try to build the perfect train layout. We would fight over where the switches should go and who got to control it, and in the end my dad would put it all away. The next year was usually a repeat of the same. But we would still look forward to the G scales from Christmas to Christmas.

Then I would babysit for a couple who had a hobby of building G scale trains. I was fascinated when his train was still up in his dining room in May. I couldn’t quite understand how his wife would tolerate this. Later he had a G scale village taking over his pool table.  This at least made more sense since her dining area was back to perfect.

A former pastor turned the former church library into a G scale train display he works on and opens up to public display during the holidays. The Union station has a Norwegian ski slope in the lobby every winter in G scale that encourages a trip to the city.

Then I met a man who took years to create a fictitious european  village in G scale in his basement. We watched this developed over time, and eventually it was encased in its own room. Now although G scale is a relatively small train, a whole village can take up quite a bit of space. Just imagine enough room for mountains, three sets of track, tunnels, a village, roads, every imaginable type of building, plus a log producing saw mill all in G scale. Not to mention the european chocolate stand, and newspapers. This was quite an endeavor. His display far exceeds any public showing people pay money or drive miles to see. 

Not everyone can find the time, energy, and money to create such a grand display.  However, if anyone sets out to build their own train layout, chances are it will be done in G scale.

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