From Darling to Dashing – JFK, Jr.

The little boy who capture the heart of the world in the mid-1960’s,  was JFK, Jr.  He was the darling son of one of the most powerful men of the day. His father was the youngest elected President of the United States of America. John F. Kennedy was president only a couple of weeks before his son, JFK, Jr. was born.

Having your first home, the first three years of your life in the White House must be quite a treat for a child. The news magazines held  adorable pictures of little JFK, Jr., and his sister, Carolyn romping in the Oval Office and on the lawn outside, or walking hand in hand with their famous dad. Then came the pictures of a tiny JFK, Jr. as part of a nation in mourning when his father was stolen from us by a horrible assassin.

From there we only hear tidbits for a while, Jackie, Caroline, and JFK, Jr.  move on with their life. They never lacked for much with a rich background and soon a new wealthy step-father. JFK, Jr. had a wonderful education.

JFK, Jr. had the drive and handsome appearance of his father. He was an outstanding student, and was well liked by everyone, especially the ladies. As a young man, I have been told JFK, Jr. was well aware of his dashing good looks. A fellow student at NYU once shared an elevator with him and others. Being native New Yorker’s they were oblivious to those around them. All of a sudden JFK, Jr. spoke out  asking why everyone was looking at him. They were amused as they went on their way.

By an early age, JFK, Jr. had quite a few accomplishments to his name. He was a lawyer like his father, and owned his own magazine. He also had his pilot’s license. It is ironic that a young JFK, Jr. who carried his father’s name, and resembled him in so many other ways, would also die at such a promising age.

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