Legendary Pat Boone

The man with a perpetual tan and white shoes, Pat Boone. That is how I will always remember him. He has been one of my favorites since 1976 when I was still a teenager. I saw Pat Boone last year, and he has aged a little but still is the same great man.

I remember Pat Boone from TV movies, and musicals. I especially enjoyed Pat Boone in western movies. I loved his singing and clean-cut good looks.  

The first time I saw Pat Boone in person he was part of a spiritual patriotic celebration at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington DC in 1976. It was a concert as part of a movement to call American back to their faith in God for the healing of our nation. I remember being excited that Pat Boone was one of the celebrity stars, because I had just seen one of his movies. He sang a song, and sounded just like in the movies. I was a Pat Boone fan from that moment on.

The next year we went to a similar rally in front of the U.S. Capitol steps. We got there early and as we sat on the wall, I realized the man next to me was wearing white shoes. Sure enough, it was my hero, Pat Boone. That was amazing. We talked a few minutes, and I realized he was a normal man, but still a God-fearing man.

Through the years, my ears have always pricked up when I have heard the name, Pat Boone. He was a good man, who represented Godliness at a time when that was far from popular. Pat Boone stood for wholesome family values when the world was straying from them. Pat Boone and Shirley raised good kids, amidst a steadfast marriage. 

When I saw Pat Boone recently he was in Washington as part of a Charity Dinner he co-founded. He was still popular, charming and interested in helping others. Surely to his dying day, Pat Boone will always carry the legacy of a squeaky clean good-guy.

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