The Clean-Cut Tony Snow

I guess I would title my blog about Tony Snow clean-cut because that is how I pictured him. When FOX would come on and I would see Tony Snow he always looked fresh, and refreshing. He was ready to bring a positive word out of the dismal day.  Whether you agreed with what he was saying or at political odds with his view…. everyone still wanted to like Tony Snow because he just looked like the clean-cut guy next door.

When I heard Tony Snow was moving on to the White House, I actually cared for once who was speaking on behalf of the president. Again, it was a fresh chance to hear the same press versus leader questions but suddenly I knew it would be more fair. The good guy was going to keep things “nice”.

I never had the privilege to meet Tony Snow, and am by no means a hero worshiper of those in the spotlight. But every now and then, someone catches your eye and you simply like their personality. I liked the way Tony Snow handled the discussions on the TV. I liked how he came across as a gentleman. I was impressed that he seemed to turn a tense conversation into a calm one. No one had to leave Tony Snow’s enemy unless they distinctly choose to.

That is why I was saddened when it was revealed he was ill. I was even more saddened when Tony Snow died. I felt grief for the pain his family must be facing. A life cut short, way too early. My prayers went out to them and yet frankly, all involved are strangers to me.

I don’t know or care if there was another side of Tony Snow, in his private life. It matters not what kind of father or husband or son Tony Snow was. Because when we see someone on a daily basis over the TV screen they are doing their job. And the Tony Snow that graced my television screen will live in my mind as a clean-cut gentleman who was a pleasure to receive the news from, or listen to report from the White House.  May we have more clean-cut media men to carry on Tony Snow’s example.

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