The Lively Jenna Bush

Of the Bush twins, it always puzzled me how they ended up with their names. I think the parents made a big mistake. Jenna Bush should have been named Barbara Bush and Barbara Bush should have been named Jenna Bush and that is all there is to it. We would have all have been so much less confused. They would have had names much better suited who they turned out to resemble.

After all, Jenna Bush looks more like her grandmother Barbara Bush. Same blonde hair, same blue eyes, same big smile. Why on earth did they name her Jenna Bush? Of the two girls, Jenna Bush got her father’s outgoing, sometimes hell-bent personality. Yet her quieter brunette sister, so much like her mother is named after the father’s mother. Go figure?!

Jenna Bush was a carefree, party girl in college, not an over-achiever, just like her dad. She had a love for reading and was a champion for the cause of reading for children. This even took her to other countries and turned her into an author of childrens books. This reminds me of her grandmother Barbara Bush. In fact, I am sure the senior Mrs. Bush helped put that love in her.  

From there Jenna Bush turned to the media, doing talk shows, interviews, even sportscasting. She has an easy engaging way with the public. Jenna Bush’s smile and quick wit can quickly win the audience. A trait her father held, that made him a favorite even among his  rivals.

When Jenna Bush got married she chose the ranch in Texas. This is a special place, a place George W. Bush would often go for down time during a stressful presidency. Jenna Bush too chose this special place for one of the most memorable days of her life. And her day turned out as magical as the setting.

That is why I remain puzzled. Intuitively there must have been a clue from the minute she was born that Jenna Bush should have been named Barbara after her father’s mother. While her twin, who so closely resembles her mom, should have been the Jenna to carry on the quieter side of the family tree.

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Carolyn Kennedy – From Envy to Grief

My earliest memories of Carolyn Kennedy were filled with envy. She was the cute little girl in pictures, a few years older than me who seemed to have everything. Carolyn Kennedy got to live in the White House, her daddy was the President. Carolyn Kennedy had a pony, she was always dressed so cute. Carolyn Kennedy had a beautiful mommy, and a large happy family. What more could any little girl dream of?

But quickly that fairy tale life was shattered. I no longer envied Carolyn Kennedy. Her dad was shot by wicked men. He died shortly afterwards. Carolyn Kennedy didn’t have a dad anymore.  My dad still worked the evening shift at the missle factory. I didn’t see him much, but he was still there.  Carolyn Kennedy no longer lived in the White House, and we never heard what happened to her pony. We still lived in our rambler with our puppies. Carolyn Kennedy’s  gorgous mom now wore black and a veil covered her face. My mom was trying to lose weight after the birth of her fifth child. She told us happy stories at bedtime.  A few short years later Carolyn Kennedy’s family life was further shattered when her Uncle Robert was shot by another bad man. That same year, my grandpa went to be with Jesus after a long prosperous life as a preacher.

That was the beginning of my education into the values of life. Through a young child’s view of Carolyn Kennedy as a child herself, I was learning lifelong lessons. It’s is not how important your father is, it is the time you are granted to spend with him. Most of what Carolyn Kennedy learned from her father was through stories and records, after he was unjustly stolen from her life. It is not what you have at the moment, but the security that what you have will be there for you for a long time. Carolyn Kennedy lived in the White House for a few short years. We lived in our little rambler for 10. Then moved together as a family to another for 15 more years. Then finally to a bigger house with multiple bathrooms.

We all somehow think a life of glamour and prosperity brings the greatest happiness. But looking back on my earliest memories of Carolyn Kennedy, I realize, I have been blessed with the a wonderful life. My parents and siblings are all living, we have a family home to gather at for holidays, and a great legacy of never going hungry. Life is good.

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First Lady – First Mom – Michelle Obama

All eyes are on you, Michelle Obama! What a thought to wake up to each day. The list of things people are looking at, analyzing, and  judging  about Michelle Obama is long, and overwhelming. Is it fair? Of course not! But it still happens each day, and it comes from living in the pubilc eye. So how does Michelle Obama get up each day knowing that everything she does and says will be judged? It must be hard, and yet, so very much worth it.

First of all Michell Obama is the First Lady of the United States of America. What Michelle Obama wears should represent what America wants to wear. She is expect to reflect and promote the styles and artists of our country. It would be a tragedy if Michelle Obama only wore european fashion labels, and American women were dissuaded from shopping American. Yet she is criticized for shopping some of the lower costing American stores for herself and her children, which should infact encourage the American fashion industry. Michelle Obama has worn formal gowns by young designers which should inspire younger students to keep pursuing their dreams. She carries herself well in whatever she wears.

Secondly, Michelle Obama is the First Wife of the President. After many recent scandals by celebrity actors and politicians, all eyes are on the wives of important men. Is there any sign of friction, are they affectionate, are they too affectionate, ……? How Michelle Obama interacts with Barack Obama is being watched and read by so many who felt deceived by long-standing leaders whos marriages have imploded.  

Thirdly, Michelle Obama is the First Mom of our nation. She is in the public eye while raising two school aged daughters. How Michelle Obama interacts with Sasha and Malia is watched around the nation and the world. People watch where she sends them to school, again how she dresses them.  Michelle Obama is now a role model for mothers everywhere on the parenting of minority girls entering their teen years.

Michelle Obama has a heavy weight on her shoulders as she rises each day. She also has a wonderful challenge to impact for good the lives of so many she touches. I think Michelle Obama is an elegant woman, who appears devoted to her husband and children, and is more than capable to face the job she has as first lady, and first mom.

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The New Kids on the Block – Sasha and Malia Obama

What a thrill for White House watchers to have two new little girls in residence. Sasha and Malia Obama are sure to raise an eye while they live for four to eight years in the nations capital. Thrust into the immediate celebrity watch, the girls still seem indifferent to the attention thrown their way.  Everyone was excited to read about the special guests Sasha and Malia Obama had for their own innaugaration parties. The Jonas Brothers,  and movie premieres, bowling in the White House, hide and seek in their new home …… all a hint of fun to be had with children living in the most coveted home in the land.

We have already seen dad, Mr President rooting them on while Sasha and Malia Obama play on their local soccer teams. They are judged on where mom, Michelle buys there clothes, whether they looked at the press or away from the press, where they go to school, who their friends are, and the list goes on.  So far, it would appear Sasha and Malia Obama have parents who are truly understanding of their daughters need for privacy, and yet good at playing the public game. We see just enough of Sasha and Malia Obama to satify our curiosity, but yet most of the time they are kept out of the line of fire from the press.

Sasha and Malia Obama have the priviledges few children their ages could dream of. Trips to Hawaii for Christmas, as is their family tradition. Then off to Europe and Africa to better understand their heritage and the world Sasha and Malia Obama  go.  They are surround by people of influence and wisdom from all over the globe.  Sasha and Malia Obama are very fortunate for what they have, and the parents they are blessed with.

They have the best of education, best of opportunity, and yet Sasha and Malia Obama probably dont even fully comprehend it.  It reminds me of the Clintons. While they themselves were always in the press, they did a good job of shielding Chelsea from the media. We knew enough about Chelsea, and yet she was never easily accessible. Now as we see the polished version of Chelsea preparing to get married, making her own apparently wise choices, we hope the same for Sasha and Malia Obama.

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Obama Girls

It is so much fun to have the young Obama girls in the White House. All of the sudden, a big over-sized monstrosity of a building comes alive. I mean who would really want to live in such a huge house anyway. But then you add the Obama girls to the mix and my imagination runs wild.

Can you picture elementary girls and middles school girls getting an invitation to the Obama girls house for a sleep-over? What if their stuffed animal sets off the metal detector, or worse their newly acquired braces. It would be a special pleasure if the Obama girls invited you over to go bowling in the White House basement.

But what if you wanted the Obama girls to come to your house? What would your mom say? Would the Secret Service have to check the whole house before a sleep over?  And each of the Obama girls probably bring atleast two or three Secret Service agents with them. I wonder who is responsible for feeding them. And do they sleep or sit there watching everyone sleep all night. Forget it, maybe no one invites the Obama girls for a sleep over. What a bummer!

So then is it good or bad to be an Obama girl? Well, they had so of the cutest guys in the nation over for the inauguration weekend. And the Obama girls to see the movies when they first come out, and they can invite as many people as they want. But they never know if people want to come to be their friend to to see their famous dad, and they live in a gated house, and people with radios follow them whereever they go. So what do you think?

Would you want to live as the Obama girls do? Wold all the special blessings they have outweigh all the trials that come with being the “Obama girls”?

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So with all the latest and greatest in MLM, the most impressive is Xango.  Out of nowhere we see a new hope for the disenchanted Amway, N21, and Monavie distributors out there. Is Xango really our dream come true? Well, according to Doug Wead, a hero and motivator to network marketers everywhere, it is. To him it seems Xango has hit a home run.

What make Xango different than it’s aging, fading predecessors? First of all, Xango has a sensational product. Who would have thought there could be a fruit hidden in the tropical jungles of Thailand that could cure so many ills?  Whether it be skin problems, cholesterol, joint pain, cancers, diseases, this fruit seems to aid in the healing process of them all. And the timing of finding such a product is incredible. Never have we lived in a time of more stress related illness, and poorer diet than now. So the market is ready for the product. Then Xango comes another breakthrough with a simple little vitamin pill that can reduce stress, make you more energetic, clarify your thinking, improve your memory, and viola Xango has another instant success.

Behind all this Xango has a group of leaders who are working together as a management team. Total accountability. One leader gets off base and there are another half dozen to keep things on track. Their goal is the well being of Xango and each other, not just themselves. Beyond that Xango has a global outreach program where a percentage of every dollar they earn goes into meal packs to help feed the poor and needy around the world. It is a proven principle that by giving to others, you will receive. What a great basis for a Xango business.

So maybe, finally, there is a MLM out there that is worth investing your time and energy into. Maybe Xango is above the rest not only in product but in every other way.

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Ronald Reagan

Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him most?

I just saw another t-shirt depicting the mistake Americans feel they made in electing Barack Obama. What was a short time ago a momentous, history making, change provoking election is now another story of grief for our country. So again I ask “Can we please have Ronald Reagan back?”

You see, I liked George Bush, and his dad, and found a few good things in most of the presidents, but there has never been a class act like Ronald Reagan. When we turn on the news and the President of the United Staes wants to “kick someone’s A**”, or his vice president uses the four letter words we were punished for, I say “Bring back Ronald Reagan!”

Ronald Reagan had Nancy who outshined them all. She was the example of a lady of beauty. She could grace the cover of a magazine before getting out of bed. Her eyes radiated warmth and sincerity. But most of all, Nancy was never ashamed to express her pride in her country. She honored America and America still honors her. She stood by Ronald Reagan until his last breath with an integrity few have ever shown.

Ronald Reagan had the movie star looks we all loved, and the movie star charm, and was down to earth. He had the essence of true American blood in his veins. Ronald Reagan even had his very own Tampico, Illinois, USA birth certificate and wasn’t afraid who knew it!

Ronald Reagan had the diplomacy of age. He had lived and learned. When we needed wisdom, he had it. He didn’t bow to the enemy, and offend our friends. Ronald Reagan knew who was who. You see he had been an actor. So he knew who was acting, and who was real. NO one fooled him, and he wasn’t out to fool anyone else.

So America don’t be fooled. Bring back Ronald Reagan!

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